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Whatever breed of dog you have, you will derive much pleasure from seeing the results of correct socialisation and training methods when applied. We are all familiar with the sight of frustrated dog owners whose dogs take them for a walk to the park or yell at their dogs when they fail to come back when they are called.

Then there are the dogs that jump up at anybody who dares to say hello to them or even walk past them. This behaviour is often accompanied by the embarrassed owner exclaiming Oh he is so friendly, he loves everyone, this might well be the case but many people don't accept such behaviour as Friendly.

And what about those bad habits in the home, chewing the chairs, tables and skirting boards, climbing on and off the furniture, stealing food, etc., etc.

All of these things can so easily be cured or avoided and with our many years of experience with every breed of dog we can help you to ensure that your canine companion is a pleasure to own in every respect.

Our comprehensive services include Puppy Socialisation and training, Obedience Training to all levels, Instructor Courses, Special Rescue Dog Classes & Home Visits.

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